Free Travel Presentation: Trekking in Nepal

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Nepal is packed with incredible trekking options, from the well-known routes to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, and Pikey Peak to lesser-walked paths such as Singla Pass. Crooked Trails Nepal Director Chris Mackay has spent 17 … Read More

Free Travel Presentation: Colorful Cuba

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Cuba is the hot destination right now, but it can leave even the most experienced traveler a bit perplexed about how to handle, visas, flights, money, transportation, and accommodations. Join Crooked Trails founders Tammy Leland … Read More

Free Travel Seminar: Oaxaca, Mexico – Trekking and Culinary Tours

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There is a place that is as exotic as the far east, as safe as your back yard, as beautiful as Tahoe, and which offers the most delicious food available, and it’s so close – Oaxaca, Mexico. Crooked Trails guide Robin Anderson will share slides and stories about our often misunderstood and under estimated neighbor.