Sustainable Travel Programs


The central goal of all our travel programs is to allow you, the traveler, the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with people and place and enjoy authentic, culturally immersive experiences. We are committed to creating the most environmentally and culturally sustainable programs possible. 

We offer an array of travel programs and support centered on the Crooked Trails philosophy of travel with a purpose. We have two main categories of programs: Individual Custom Programs and Founder-led Group Programs.

Complete Custom Programs 

A tailor-made trip based on your personal interests, comfort level, time frame and budget. Our sample itineraries are based on our local knowledge and personal connections, provide the inspiration and a jumping-off point. Explore Our Customizable Trips >

In addition, consider adding in one or more of these program elements to your journey:

  • Village Experience – for more independent travelers looking to experience an authentic cultural homestay, this is the essence of the Crooked Trails experience and can be added to our custom trips. Explore Our Village Experiences >
  • Volunteer Opportunities – take part in volunteer service projects in our host communities. Explore Our Volunteering Opportunities >
  • Local Adventures – dive into activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, horseback riding, and more. Dig into local cuisine with a cooking class or a farm-to-table tour.
Founder-led Group Programs 

Periodic trips with a specific focus led by one of our co-founders, which  travelers may sign on to join individually. Explore Our Founder-Led Programs >

We have worked with travelers of all ages and all walks of life for the past 18 years. Let us design the perfect travel experience for you, your family, your group or your school.

Ready to start your journey? Jump in here!

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