Empowered Nepal Projects in Karki Gaun

Katrin Hintermeier went to Nepal and fell in love with the village of Karki Gaun and its community. After the earthquake she felt compelled to help these wonderful people and started Nepal Empowered. In 2016, we partnered with Katrin on a volunteer trip to Nepal to meet the local people and to donate time and money to make their lives better. We are continuing to support Karki Gaun through the projects described below.

Girls education in Karki Gaun Nepal PROJECT #1: Believe in Me
A subdivision of Nepal Empowered

Believe in Me is an ongoing educational project where you can join a Circle of Giving to empower and educate the children of Karki Gaun.

  • For $300 a month, we can send 2 very bright sisters to the university in Kathmandu
  • For $50 a month one child can go to an English Medium school to prepare the for higher education from a strong basis
  • For $50 a month, additional children can be identified for English Medium school

PROJECT #2: Animal Husbandry Project

A subdivision of Nepal Empowered

Goats husbandry project Karki Gaun NepalA series of micro loans from funds raised will be made to individual families to buy, breed, raise and sell livestock. The goal is to develop a growing economic environment that will not only help to repair the damage of the recent earthquake but will grow to provide a stable economic foundation for the entire community.

    • $500 will purchase a buffalo
    • $300 will purchase a goat
    • $100 will make an initial purchase of 20 chickens


Nepal Empowered Projects in Karki Gaun

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