Creating a Running Tourism Project in Kenya

Kenya Kalenjin women carrying waterThe Kalenjin Tribe of Southern Kenya is famous for being a running culture, producing some of the best long-distance runners in the world, often winning top seats in competitions. Yet, despite their global recognition, the villages that produce these elite runners are often mired in deep poverty, suffering from lack of access to water, education, health care and meaningful work.

Our goal is to change that by creating a running tourism program in the Kalenjin village of Matunget, home of runner Abraham Kosgei.

Project: Create a running tourism program in the village of Matunget near the Rift Valley of Kenya, where participants train with their own Kalenjin coach and live in the community to better understand the lives of the people. The program will provide jobs (coaches, cooks, guides, drivers, maids) and funding (donations from program fees) to the community which will manage the program funding education, job creation, and healthcare initiatives.

PHASE 1: Develop the road leading to the village. Funding has been secured and the project is underway. Completion is expected by June 2017.

PHASE 2: Build a hydraulic ram to bring water from the river 4 km from the village. Currently, women walk 4 km one-way to bring water to their homes. Cost for this phase is $13,000 and funds have been secured. Construction will begin when the road is finished. Expected completion is Fall 2017.

PHASE 3: Build safari-style accommodations and a cook house for participants; two buildings housing 8 people each. Cost estimated at $15,500. No funds have been secured.

PHASE 4: Crooked Trails will design, market and run travel programs in which runners from around the world come to train with Kalenjin members. All participants will be paired up with their own personal coach. Site visit in October 2017 with implementation in 2018.

Creating a Running Tourism Project in Kenya

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