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Stanzin Causes Education Ladakh IndiaStanzin is only seven years old, and already he has faced a life-changing dilemma: to grow up with his family or to lead his village to a better future. Stanzin is from northern India.  He was born in Lingshed, a remote Himalayan village with limited educational opportunities. The nearest quality school is many days of dangerous trekking away in the small city of Leh. Without a quality education, Stanzin has no tools to build a future for himself or his village.

So Stanzin made a difficult choice: he now is at the Lingshed Area Residential Hostel in Leh, spending eleven months out of every year away from his family. To get to Leh, he must travel for many days on end through unforgiving mountain passes in the summer– or make the treacherous Chadar trek on the frozen Zanskar River that connects Lingshed to Leh.

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Despite his intense dedication to learning, Stanzin may see his path to a brighter future end abruptly in a few months. The Lingshed Area Residential Hostel where he lives in Leh might have to shut down. It runs almost entirely on foreign donations, which can be unpredictable. Indian government subsidies are few and far between. With the rising costs of living and school tuition, the current hostel budget is unsustainable. All funding will run out in December 2016.  Stanzin and his friends at the hostel then would have nowhere to stay during the school year. Out of options, they would have to journey back home and give up their dreams of a better education.

Students Ladakh Education CausesBy supporting Learnings from Lingshed to Leh through donations and immersive travel, you can help keep the hostel open. You can enable these 105 students to receive the quality education they need to build bright futures for themselves and their villages. You can buy a toothbrush for a child, or school uniforms, or other basic supplies. Anything you can spare will help these children to reach their dreams.

Learnings from Lingshed to Leh was created in June 2016 by a small group of American students and teachers who traveled with Crooked Trails from San Diego, California, to Leh and stayed at the student hostel. They were impressed with and moved by the hostel and its commitment to sowing the seeds of healthy progress and development Circle of children Ladakh Schoolthrough education. Under the leadership of the magnetic and magnanimous Geshe La, a former Buddhist monk, the hostel has become a vibrant and nurturing place. Yes, there is no indoor plumbing.  The electricity does not work all the time. The bus rides to school in Leh can be hours long. But that does not matter. The children are thriving. They are glowing. They are learning. And we hope you can help them continue to shine.

Your donations go directly to support the hostel’s budget. Even modest amounts can make a huge difference in the lives of these ambitious children.

We also encourage you to travel with Crooked Trails to Leh to see the hostel for yourself. Have some tea with Geshe La. Play with the children. Join them at school. Learn some Ladakhi and Hindi. You will love it.

Sponsoring Education in India

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