Taguizapa, Nicaragua


About 20 minutes walk outside of the town of Altagracia, on the northeast side of Isla de Ometepe


Mostly native Nicaraguans, many of whom grew up on Ometepe Island



nicaragua-beach-sceneTaguizapa is a very small, traditional collection of family homes in a beautiful jungle fringing the edge of Lake Nicaragua. Though families living next to each other may fall under differing political views, this close-knit community of hard-working people know how to live simply and enjoy their lives together. Host families homes are all virtually within shouting distance of each other, and there is a delightful array of people to play and interact with – the local kids love to swim in the lake with visitors, and the elders love to sit on their verandas in the cool of the evening and share honest and telling tales of their lives in Nicaragua.

COMMUNITY LIAISON: Estela Alvarez Gonzalez

Estela is a former Sister Islands scholarship student with partner organization BOSIA who works to coordinate their scholarship program on Ometepe Island. She has also helped with several community projects such as a water system in Taguizapa village (where she and her family live), an electrical system in the village of Angul, and coordinating student delegations. Nicaragua-host-family-TaguizapaEstela is a dynamic and well-respected local leader, and her experience working with an American organization, as well as her great language skills, have allowed her to be a force for positive change in her community.


We started working in Nicaragua in 2011; our partner organization, BOSIA, has worked here for several years. Our first volunteer service project in Nicaragua involved traveling to underserved communities around the island and helping them get access to government assistance. There is the potential to work on things such as building latrines and sidewalks in this community during future programs.

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