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Some of you might be aware of the violent unrest happening in Nicaragua. In April of this year, President Daniel Ortega implemented new changes to the policy regarding social security and pensions affecting most of the population. This action was the last straw for many who had felt a growing unhappiness and distrust of the President and Sandinista ruling party. Starting with demonstrations in the largest universities in the cities of Leon, Massaya and the capital Managua, this protest has grown into a civil unrest that has affect even the smallest towns in Nicaragua. Demonstrations, road blocks and clashes between police/national guard and students and protesters, have led to over 150 deaths including a journalist, due to the use of live fire ordered by the government. Last month, 10 civilians were killed in a Mother’s Day parade. At this moment, despite attempts by the Catholic Church and business leaders to broker a truce, the government is unwilling to cease the violence and find an agreement. Most international NGO have pulled their staff from Nicaragua and we do not consider it safe to travel at this time. We are hearing from our local friends who are safe, but report problems due to social services being cut and blockages affecting supply and food access.

For more information on this subject, we suggest you read
BBC “Slipping into darkness’: How Nicaragua’s crisis unfolded”
The Guardian’s “On the Brink”
Or Bianca Jagger’s letter from Nicaragua in The Daily Beast “Facing Down the Death Squads of Nicaragua”

Our hearts and emotions are with the people of Nicaragua at this time. We are hoping for a peaceful resolution in the near future and we can return to visit one of our favorite countries, full of rich culture, beautiful nature and passionate, loving people.

Remote and beautiful, Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island is a world away. Formed by two volcanoes, the island is populated by parrots, howler monkeys, waterfalls, beaches and gracious, hard-working people. Learn about the challenges and triumphs they have seen in their lifetime, and experience this place through the rhythms of their daily lives.

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My Nicaragua experience was one of those rare times in life when the reality exceeded anticipations. Crooked Trails provided us with a really good taste of Ometepe life. The home stays were a rich experience of life in a small community, participation in the festivals, rituals and excitement of the San Diego celebrations gave us a feeling of being part of that community and our guide was there to remind us to be sensitive to the realities of their lives.
Monica B.

Lakes, Volcanoes & Colonial Cities


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Managua – Ometepe – Granada – Managua


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Explore the tropical beauty and charm of Nicaragua on this family-friendly program to the Island of Ometepe. The island abounds in adventure, but the true highlight of this program is a village homestay where you’ll learn about the people of this peaceful island and sharing in their culture.

  • Unforgettable homestay with a local family on the island of Ometepe
  • Explore jungles and beaches and enjoy Nicaragua’s natural beauty
  • Guided tour of the colonial city of Granada
  • Shopping at Masaya, one of Nicaragua’s largest arts and crafts markets
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Crooked Trails is a non-profit organization focused on transforming tourism into a positive force in the world. We create travel programs that reflect our values and are worthy of the trust placed in us by our travelers. By traveling with us, you can be assured that your money will go to support our partner communities, the causes we support, and our on-going work to make tourism better. We do this by:

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    Selecting locally-owned hotels, restaurants and transportation in order to ensure your money benefits local people.

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    Employing experienced local guides who are paid a fair wage.

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    Offsetting the environmental impacts of travel through initiatives such as our Travelers Against Plastic (TAP) campaign, demonstrating ways to protect local resources, and encouraging the purchase of carbon offsets.

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    Educating travelers in cultural sensitivity and the social, economic, and environmental impacts of their travels.

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    Acting on our commitment to the social and cultural protection of people in our host countries.

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    Offering unique experiences and opportunities for authentic engagement.

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    Donating a portion of your trip fees to the community development projects we support.


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