Peeling Back the Layers on Oaxaca

By Robin Anderson, Crooked Trails Mexico Director I’m often asked what first drew me to Oaxaca when I began my 15-year love affair with this region of Mexico. Frankly, nothing beyond the promise of a … Read More

Free Travel Seminar: Oaxaca, Mexico – Trekking and Culinary Tours

Angela Broderick

There is a place that is as exotic as the far east, as safe as your back yard, as beautiful as Tahoe, and which offers the most delicious food available, and it’s so close – Oaxaca, Mexico. Crooked Trails guide Robin Anderson will share slides and stories about our often misunderstood and under estimated neighbor.

Step into a Completely Different Mexico

By Crooked Trails Co-founder Chris Mackay When I agreed to go trekking in Mexico’s Sierra Norte with CT guide Robin Anderson, I had an image of desert-like landscapes with rocky outcrops and scattered impoverished villages. … Read More